I was just reading a book about clutter reduction which actually had some extremely helpful advice. But then the author advocated a certain way of folding one’s clothes because she says that when clothes are in a drawer, they are resting, and it’s impossible to rest if you’re all wadded up. Also, if you don’t show your clothes that you respect them, it hurts their feelings.

Oh, please. I refuse to live my life in fear of offending inanimate objects. It’s not going to happen.

Practicality and pragmatism are my watchwords.

While I consider myself a spiritual person, and I’ve seen many things that can’t easily be explained, I genuinely believe that I need to take care of myself, first and foremost, rather than expecting some higher power to step in on my behalf.

Even though I do seem to have a lot of friends whose birthdays fall within range of certain astrological signs and not others, and I enjoy reading the horoscopes on occasion, I refuse to believe that every person on the planet needs to rigidly adhere to one of twelve possible predictions every day. Humans are way too complex to be pigeonholed like that.

My dogs are my best friends, but they’re still dogs. I once told a dog sitter the times they are accustomed to being fed, and she became very concerned because she couldn’t guarantee that she’d be able to make the 3 pm feeding. She thought I’d be upset if she fed them at 5 instead. But I said, “They’re dogs. They’ll have to get over it, won’t they?”

Speaking of dogs, a friend of mine has to go way out of his way to obtain a rare brand of dog food, as it is the only thing his poodle will eat. Oh, really? I bet that dog’s stubborn resolve would only last a day or two. You’ll eat what I give you, Pookie.

I have another friend who irons her underwear. Why is this important in life? Why?

And don’t even get me started about bureaucracies. The stupidity that abounds in them is enough to make me want to pull my hair out by the roots. “Because that’s how it has always been done” is not a valid response to my inquiries.

I enjoy flights of fancy as much as the next person, but I only allow things to influence the way I live my life if they make sense. So my undies will just have to suffer from wounded egos and remain wadded up in my drawer. Life’s just too freakin’ short.


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3 thoughts on “Pragmatism

  1. Angiportus

    I don’t believe in astrology. Us Aquarians are way too smart for that!
    Although there are a lot of inanimate objects that I think very highly of, I don’t consider them as having the same needs as people. I fold my pants or roll them because they fit in the drawer better that way. I hang up my t-shirts because it’s easier to see just which one I am grabbing, than when I just piled them in a drawer or bin. (People who get on my case for being more interested in things and ideas than people, *they* will get wadded up and thrown somewhere.)
    I don’t desecrate the flag, but that’s to keep from offending people. I think our flag isn’t visually well designed. The stars clash with the stripes, and the red ought to be as dark as the blue.
    I hate waiting too long to eat, though, and if I had pets (which I don’t ever plan to) I’d do my best to make sure that their meals are not delayed from the usual time. Recalling idiots who once made me eat things they knew damn well I loathed, I am not sure about the feeding issue. I read somewhere that cats being picky eaters is all an act, a ritual, but don’t recall it well. Seems to me that any animal that can digest rotten meat should be able to handle just about anything we throw at them…

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