Your Wish is My Command?

Guys, if you saw a cute little 20 year old girl holding up a sign that said “Master Now Wanted!!!” what would you do? How about if she offered to be at your beck and call 24 hours a day? And her sole purpose would be to please you?

She would wake you up in a bubbly, cheerful way every morning. She’d remind you to take an umbrella when it was raining out, and she’d even operate your robotic vacuum while you’re at work so that you wouldn’t be disturbed. She’d text you to say she was looking forward to your coming home. She would make sure the lights were on for you upon your return. She would drink tea with you, and tell you how much she missed you.

Her website will tell you that her name is Azuma Hikari, and her hobby is watching anime. Her specialty is making fried eggs. She likes donuts, and she dislikes insects. But to the wider world, she’s called a Gatebox Virtual Home Robot. I strongly suspect her eggs aren’t very satisfying.

And for the one time cost of $2,600.00, plus about $400.00 in shipping and handling from Japan to the US, she will be all yours. She will “live” in a glass tube, right next to your bed if you so desire. Check out this video to “meet” her.

Do you think this is appealing? Do you think this would make you feel less lonely? If you do, I suspect you’re a bit disturbed. (Sorry. Someone had to tell you.) To be honest, the video made me feel sorry for the guy, and he’s just an actor.

Forming a primary relationship with an inanimate object is not, repeat, not healthy. It’s important to connect with another actual thinking brain. Believing that it’s normal to have a girlfriend who does everything you want her to do, exactly when you want it done, without question, and then begs for more, is not the type of mindset you want to develop if you ever wish to pursue a real relationship with someone who has a mind of her own.

And if you think a hologram is going to keep you warm at night, you’re delusional. Save your money. Please get a cat. And a counselor.


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8 thoughts on “Your Wish is My Command?

  1. Angiportus

    Yikes! There’s somebody in the coffee machine!
    I don’t have the sort of lifestyle that needs a robot, and if I did I wouldn’t want it to look like a person. I can appreciate things without making them into fake people.
    Haven’t had much experience of fake people (or have I?) but there’s a few real ones that are important to me. A few things and a few ideas are just as important in different ways; I might add some cats if I could afford them. The things are actually ideas as well, in that I could theoretically replace the physical part because I have the design, the essence. I don’t have room or time for more “primary relationships”, especially ones that cost as much as that robot.
    Or program or whatever it is; I don’t trust the idea of a fully automated house, e.g. I wouldn’t want my freezer trying to tell me what is the proper amount of pizza to store therein.
    “Internet of things”–no thanks, especially with the upcoming regime.
    Happy solstice!

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