The Un-Bucket List

Posted on my kitchen wall is a long, long list of things I’d love to do before I die. That bucket list seems to get longer every year. What a big, amazing world we live in, full of so much potential for wonderful experiences! Anyone who isn’t in awe of the many opportunities for happy memories that are out there is simply not looking hard enough.

But I believe in giving credit where credit is due, so I also tend to add things that I’ve already done to my bucket list, with a line through them. Because, as I was saying recently to a longtime reader named Tony (waving hello), “Life is a series of un-thought of bucket list accomplishments.”

For example, I never would have thought I’d have the chance to shake hands with Hillary Clinton, so why would I put that on my list? But I did, in fact, shake her hand. And whether you support her politically or not, you have to admit that that’s noteworthy. So, on the list it went! Check!

Take a ride on the Mallory Todd, a double masted schooner? Check!

Feed the homeless? Check!

Eat Hungarian Goulash in Hungary? Check!

Move to Seattle? Check!

Operate 9 different drawbridges in 3 different states? Check!

Publish a book? Check, check, checkety-check!

Take a minute to think about all the unexpected experiences you’ve had in your life. (Everyone has had a few.) Write them down. Think of it as your un-bucket list, and allow yourself a little bit of self-satisfaction. You’ve earned it!


Add this to your bucket list: Claim a copy of my book!

8 thoughts on “The Un-Bucket List

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