Yes, There ARE Stupid Questions

I have a friend who likes to say, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” That always makes me cringe. I know what she’s trying to say. Don’t afraid to ask questions. It’s important to communicate. And I agree with that, wholeheartedly.

What I take issue with are those people who ask questions without thinking first. Some people have no filter whatsoever. It’s offensive.

For example, never ask a question you wouldn’t want someone to ask you. I once heard someone ask a transgender person, “So, do you have a dick?” I wanted to say, “Do YOU have one?” I mean, seriously, no one has ever thought it was appropriate to query me about my sexual anatomy, especially a total stranger in a public place. That simple courtesy should be extended to everyone.

Someone once asked me, “What is that THING on your face?” (Apparently I have a tiny patch of slightly darker skin. To be honest, I had never noticed until that point.) Thanks a lot.

Here are few questions one should ask oneself before opening one’s pie hole: Will the person’s response benefit me in any way? What purpose does this question serve?

Tact is a quality I value greatly. Tactful people are usually also discreet. And they generally have the ability to think of others as well as themselves. All of this falls within the realm of emotional intelligence. You might want to make sure you’re at least within shouting distance of that neighborhood before asking your question. Just sayin’.


Here’s a good question: Have you checked out my book?

8 thoughts on “Yes, There ARE Stupid Questions

  1. Helen

    I have to share a story that happened to me my first year of teaching. As I was walking up and down the rows looking at the students’ work one asked, “Miss Sala, you must have been born on a horse your hips are so wide.” That certainly made me day! 😉

  2. lyn sutton

    I see stupid questions as teachable moments. The questioners are less likely to ask that question of anyone again and usually think first before asking me any future questions.

  3. lyn sutton

    Comes with experience. Get asked often enough and you develop survival instincts. Nothing stuns me anymore. I must seem approachable because I’m assaulted by strangers with stupid questions constantly.

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