Well, I Never!

I overheard someone say that the other day. I’ve probably heard it a thousand times in my life without really giving it much thought. But the fact is, never is a very long time.

You never… what exactly?

…heard anything so outrageous? Poppycock. We are living in an increasingly outrageous world. You may have blocked out the outrageous things you’ve heard in the past, but trust me, you’ve heard them, unless you were born in a bubble.

…have been so disappointed? Well, if that’s true, then you are luckier than the average person. People can and will let you down. Some people actually make a sport out of it.

…have been so insulted? Where have you been hiding, amongst the Stepford Wives? Life is messy and people can be rude.

I hate the phrase, “Well, I never!” because to me it seems like a get out of jail free card of sorts. It’s a way of expressing outrage without having to explain yourself. It’s like passing judgment without having to write the accompanying opinion. And worse yet, in my view, it’s a way to make you seem like a delicate flower, when, in fact, we’re all weeds.

There’s no shame in being a weed. Weeds have staying power. They persevere. They carry on. And they don’t wear their hearts on their weedy little sleeves.

Next time someone says, “Well, I never!” I’m going to respond, “Well, perhaps you should.”


Well I never

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