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Dear You,

I suspect no one has ever told you this, so I figured I would. You are already enough. You were just who you were supposed to be on the day you were born.

I don’t know why people find it so hard to give compliments or encouragement. I really don’t know why so many people delight in being cruel or insulting. But the fact remains. You are enough.

Having ambition and wanting to improve upon yourself isn’t a bad thing, of course. Go for it! But set aside any anxiety you have that is causing you to try to force yourself into a role that makes you uncomfortable. Nobody has the right to pressure you to become someone that you’re not. Deep down, you already know who you are.

Just be yourself. You are one of a kind. Sit in that power. And before you know it (but only if you need to), you will bloom. You have that within you, and chances are, a lot of people already see it, whether they bother to tell you or not.

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3 thoughts on “You Are Already Enough

  1. Brian says:

    So True. ‘Enough’ is usually a standard learned from the outside and doesn’t really come from our true self. We believe that affection is and should be conditional because it’s a game that most of the people around us and sometimes even our own family, are playing. It’s sad and it ruins lives because it creates a veil of lies that doesn’t allow us to tackle the original issue. But the good news is, that with some work, in fact lots of work, one can get free. So I choose not to speak of liberty while the human mind is in chains – I break out of it 🙂

    Also, the reason I like to be cruel and the reason I like to be insulting because if I can reduce the way you feel to the way I feel, I wont be alone now will I 🙂 Also, if making you feel awful is the only way I can get you to feel something for me, well even if it’s bad, atleast you did actually feel for me! So watch out! Because positive people like you who are actually seeking to share an understanding with someone might miss the point in that I don’t want to be understood! If you understand ME then my front is finished and how could I allow that? What you gonna do when your effective sword of seeking to connect with others meets the shield of ME aka NOT WANTING TO CONNECT? Fall apart that’s what. And then you’ll think it’s your fault! You will doubt yourself and misqualify energy that I can steal with subconscious indifference. Now, this very toxicity should not be in the same room as a man, never mind his family. But for someone who has actually endured this level of torment, will he also bloom? Somehow my heart says yes

    1. And I say yes, too, Brian. And thank you for giving me a lot to think about. 🙂

      1. Brian says:

        No problem bud ❤

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