Making a House a Home

In my search for a house to buy, I’ve toured many possibilities, and it has really made me realize that no two people live the same way. Making a house a home is truly an exercise in creativity and imagination. It’s kind of exciting when you think about it. Most of us will never have a larger venue in which to express ourselves than the place in which we live.

There is no telling what will say “home” to someone. I once saw a bedroom with a black ceiling and pumpkin orange walls. What were they thinking? Thoughts of their very own, no doubt.

When I bought my first house, the bathroom had very interesting wallpaper. It was hot pink, with a pattern of silver bamboo and maroon butterflies. The first thing I did when I moved in was peel that paper off the walls. I knew I’d never be able to use that bathroom successfully until I did.

But that’s the beauty of home ownership, isn’t it? I can have the tackiest taste in the world, and it’s nobody’s business but my own. It’s my castle. If I want my bedroom ceiling to have a glow in the dark milky way design (Oh, and I do. I really do.) then why not?

If you feel you do have questionable taste and that bothers you, you can find a lot of decorating advice on line. A Google search of “How to make rooms look bigger”, for example, will yield quite a few results.

I recently lost a bid on a house that I loved absolutely everything about. Heartbreaking. But I did save all the photos of the interior, and I fully intend to take a lot of the ideas and use them in whatever house I wind up with. It’s as if that house has become my style guru.

As a renter, I’ve had to respect my landlord’s choices. All the walls have remained white. I would never have chosen any of the curtains that hang in the windows. And if given a chance, I’d have gutted the entire bathroom and started from scratch. Because of this, even though I do love the place, it has never felt truly like it’s mine. I can’t wait to get my hands on a home of my own!

Home Decor
Your imagination (and your bank balance) is the only limit.

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2 thoughts on “Making a House a Home

  1. Carole Lewis

    LOL I’m all for the Milky Way.

    In our Bedroom, One wall has posters and pics of the Space Shuttle with patches and pins. Another has pics President Kennedy and magazine covers of Oswald and the assassination, framed pics of Regan, with fingers wiggling from his ears & Nixon etc.
    The posters & mag covers of “Vampire Mob”, an Internet video series, pics of Dr, Bill Bass and Scully and Muldar of X- Files.and Steven King stuff and even a piece of Crime Scene tape on the large wall. The other small wall has poster from “HOMELAND”, my shooting target and scores from handgun License certificate to carry.. And, other small awards. The rest of the house is very normal but hard to describe. Still it is a mishmash of my world and life as it should be.

    Eclectic I am if nothing else.
    The walls tell all.
    Of course only family can see this museum of my likes and dislikes.

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