Are We Having a National Stroke, or What?

Please explain. How is it that our elected officials can make so many self-destructive and nationally-destructive choices and yet still remain in power? We are becoming an international embarrassment.

Do you have any idea how backward and ignorant we look as a nation when the only other countries on the PLANET that aren’t going along with the Paris Climate Accord are Syria and Nicaragua? Yes, let’s hitch our wagon to a star made of coal, even though it’s destroying the world, and is an increasingly outmoded form of energy. Who needs to prepare for the future? Why be on the cutting edge? While we’re at it, why don’t we subsidize the corset stay industry, and the coalition to promote powdered wigs?

Does anyone think that history is going to look back on this fiasco and say, “Woot! Brilliant choice, Donald!”

Oh, and single payer health care? Who needs that? Who needs health care at all? Let’s decrease the surplus population, since it seems to be against life-saving vaccines anyway! Poor health is really a lifestyle choice, after all.

Oh, and the increasing number of white males engaging in hate crimes and domestic terrorism? Let’s ignore them. Surely they will go away on their own, just like police violence is going away on its… oh. Wait. It’s increasing, too? Temporary glitch, no doubt.

And education is highly overrated. The more ignorant you are, the better the choices you are bound to make (see again: resistance to vaccinations). This administration is living proof of that!

Have we had a national stroke, or what? Why aren’t we doing anything about this insanity? Is this your idea of America being great? Then, yay, us! I guess.

The glimmer of hope, the one bright light, is that I just read an article that says that several U.S. states and cities plan to uphold the Paris Accord in SPITE of our “leader”. That’s a step in the right direction. Now it’s time to clean house. That big one on Pennsylvania Avenue.


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13 thoughts on “Are We Having a National Stroke, or What?

  1. lyn sutton

    While everyone is finger pointing and blaming the other guy like scared children, who’s fixing the mess? Even Kindergartners know if they help make a mess they must help clean it up and we are all responsible for the mess in the big house and the planet. As adults, fear can either freeze and cloud your thoughts, or heighten your senses and allow a clarity that motivates the appropriate action. For many Americans the clouds are finally clearing. Time to break out scrub brushes and disinfectant and as Macron says, “Make this Planet great again.”

  2. I guarantee that next year, GOP candidates will actually take credit for Reverse Creamsicle Panda’s decision, citing the decision of private-sector companies and state and local governments to commit to upholding the Paris agreement as proof that “a market-driven approach” was always the most effective way to deal with climate change. If they don’t, then…well…I’ll just be wrong. But I don’t think I will be.

    Also, “becoming”? We were there the moment Sweet Potato Hitler took his ride down the escalator… 😉

  3. Just wanted to say that in all the madness, I’ve found a spark of joy. I’ve finally been able to download your book! It’s next on my ‘to read’ list! Cannot wait! ❤

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