Time Passes

Here’s why I could never commit suicide: I know, for better or for worse, that I am not stuck in this present moment. Things will get better. Yeah, they might also get worse. But the point is, it’s all unbelievably temporary. Change is inevitable.

The reason I’ve been able to endure all this home buying and relocation stress is that I was able to keep telling myself that this time next month, then next week, then tomorrow…I’d be done with all of that. And sure enough, I am. Now it’s time to focus on unpacking stress. And while that sucks, too, at least I know everything is here. Somewhere. In some box or another. I forget where. But it’s here. Really. It is. It has to be.

The more life you live, the more you realize that the pendulum swings back and forth. If you don’t like the point in the arc that you are currently experiencing, just wait. You’ll be gone from there in no time.

That knowledge also makes me value the now. It feels all the more precious because it’s going to be gone in a flash. Sometimes I feel the need to stop dead in my tracks and just take everything in. Breathe the air. Feel the sun on my face. Watch and listen to everything that’s happening around me.

Every moment is as unique and fragile as a snowflake. Personally, I want to stick around for as long as I can, because the snowflakes of life are infinitely fascinating to me. It would be a shame to miss even one of them.


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4 thoughts on “Time Passes

  1. Sam Ramirez

    I agree Barbara. They say that at least 99% of what we worry about in life never comes to pass. Instead we should learn to live in the present. When I look back on my life and all the things I worried about…..that never happened…. I realized I wasted all that time worrying about nothing. I also want to learn how to stop and smell the roses and live in the present. Thank you for your great comments.😊

  2. lyn sutton

    This is how I got through labor contractions…soon they’ll be done and I’ll get a rest before the next one and in the end I’ll have the most precious moment of all…and then I got to deal with those stinky diaper (no rose smelling there), no sleep and spit up on my best shirt moments. But hey, if you collect enough snowflakes you can have some epic snowball fights. 🙂

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