My Book is in a Library!!!

Ever since my mother told me, at age 4, that when you go into a library you can go anywhere in the entire universe, I’ve always gotten butterflies when passing through the doors of a library. For some people, it takes love at first sight or at the very least a trip to Disney World to evoke such a response. Not me. Libraries are awesome.

So imagine the level of my ecstasy when I received a notice from the King County Library System here in Seattle, telling me that yes, they had honored my request to include my book in their catalog. In fact, they’ve bought 4 copies and scattered them in branches across the county.

My mother would be so proud. I’m still in shock and awe. I’m going to have to go to one of the branches and actually SEE my book on the shelf in order to believe it’s true. (If I do, I’ll add a picture below.)

I’m sharing space with Shakespeare and, I dunno, Stephen King, for crying out loud! Imagine that. Someone may be perusing the shelves and stumble across my book and read it. They may never have heard of it or me if it hadn’t been for the library. Now that… That’s just cool.

I hope all of you know that you can request that your local library carry books that they don’t currently have. They may or may not honor your request, but it’s a chance to try to make your library even more diverse. Many libraries even include request forms on their websites.

If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, I’d LOVE for my book to be in your library. Help a sister out, will you? Thanks!


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8 thoughts on “My Book is in a Library!!!

  1. Renton has a copy! Bellevue! Burien! Enumclaw! But of course anyone throughout the King County Library System can have a copy of your book sent to their closest branch for them to pick up for check-out. I am sure that your blog readers throughout the nation will be impressed that you are on the shelf in Enumclaw! Few of your readers can say that!

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