The Dark Shadow Cast by the Golden Rule

Most societies seem to have some version of the Golden Rule. That only makes sense. It would be hard to live amongst one’s fellow humans without one. I really do try to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. I can’t imagine functioning any other way.

The thing I struggle with is my huge disappointment/bitterness/frustration when others do not do likewise. “Oy! I’m playin’ by the rules here! Why aren’t you?”

Just the other day I got royally screwed over by 5 people. Without going into detail, we’ve all had long conversations and they agreed with my interpretation of events. But when this brought on an investigation, rather than tell the truth and have my back, these people chose to pull their pinheads into their tiny, soft, little shells and leave me out there all alone to be crushed by the bus.  I feel so betrayed. I could never do that to someone. Not in a million years.

Be that as it may, the situation isn’t going to right itself, so now the only thing I can do is cope with my feelings of disappointment/bitterness/frustration. On close examination, I realize that I wouldn’t even have those feelings if I didn’t think that these people were not holding themselves to a standard that I swear by.

So maybe I should blame the Golden Rule for all of this. Maybe I should stop expecting others to follow it. Heck, maybe I should stop following it myself, since it does not seem to have done me any favors.

But the day I can’t even count on my own integrity is the day I give up entirely.

crushed turtle

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6 thoughts on “The Dark Shadow Cast by the Golden Rule

  1. I agree with your conclusion. Sometimes all you have is your own idea of who you are and what you stand for. But you have that! 🙂 I hope you have more people of integrity cross your path

  2. lyn sutton

    Unfortunately we see this more often since the highest office has normalized throwing people under the bus. You’re either the thrower or the thrown. You may be crushed but not defeated and we, the often thrown, do appreciate and depend on your integrity. Got your back.

  3. You don’t live by the golden rule for them; you do it for yourself. Because it helps you sleep better at night. Because it provides behavior for those around you to model. Because it validates who you are. In a strange way, behaving as you do is an act of selfishness.

    In any event, the reversals suffered when someone else chucks you under the bus are irrelevant to the reasons you choose to observe the golden rule. Therefore, they form no basis for you changing that behavior.

    Hang in there. Areiel

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