On Being Approachable

I have a friend whose heart is as big as Mount Rainier. She’s one of those people who lights up a room just by walking into it. People are naturally drawn to her. It really fascinating to watch.

We can be walking down the street and it’s inevitable that we’ll be stopped several times by total strangers. Well, she will be stopped, actually. I stop, too, so as not to leave her behind.

People ask her for directions. They try to sell her things. They ask for money. They comment on what she’s wearing. She is the human equivalent of a lodestone. I bet her aura sparkles.

Me? Not so much. I may be wide open in this blog, but not in life. I’m not a hostile person, but I’m pretty sure that much of the time I walk around in an impenetrable bubble that, could it speak, would say “eff off and die”. I’m usually lost in thought, or intent on my errand, or in a hurry. I really don’t want to be bothered, and I suspect it shows more than I intend it to. No doubt I miss out on a lot of interesting encounters because of that.

Not long ago I was stopped on the sidewalk by someone who reads my blog. (Waving at Rahul!) I was delighted. I mean, it made my day. I was so gratified to get feedback, because I often forget that there are actually people out there who read what I’m writing. Wow. Mind blowing. In retrospect, it must have taken a great deal of courage for him to break through my wall to approach me. I’m so glad that he did, though.

I’m entirely too introverted to ever be as approachable as my friend is. It would require a level of social energy that just isn’t in me. And that’s okay. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt me to at least knock a few bricks out of this wall of mine, so that people can peek in here every once in a while and see what there is to see.


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6 thoughts on “On Being Approachable

  1. Chris

    When I am out I am always saying hi to people, and people always say hi to me. Start with saying hello to people you see, it’s easy and maybe makes their day 😀, I have met so many interesting people from a random hello

  2. I talk to random strangers in Fremont and it works well, they are almost always friendly. Some neighborhoods are better than others! I was proud of you when you spoke to someone at the community light event, go ahead and keep doing things like that. I also talk to the people who are in line with me at the grocery!

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