A Great Net Neutrality Business Op

Well, here we go again. The People are being ignored. Despite the huge public outcry, the FCC decided to rescind Net Neutrality. (It sure was nice knowing you guys.)

Ajit Pai, the FCC chairman, is thrilled. He even put out this condescending video to try to convince the rest of us that this is going to be a good thing. Never mind that pretty much all of us are calling bullshit. To hear him tell it, all most of us use the internet for is to post cute pictures of puppies and watch Game of Thrones. Again, I promised to watch my mouth on my blog, but I can’t help it. I have to say that Ajit Pai is a self-important, dickheaded Trump toady.

The attorney general for the state of Washington is already filing suit against this absurd decision. (I just love my adopted state!) And there’s talk that state laws will be passed here to uphold net neutrality regardless. I hope more states hop on that bandwagon!

But if worse comes to worst, I hope that savvy internet providers are seeing what I’m seeing. Here’s the perfect opportunity to look like one of the good guys and say, “Our competitors may want to do away with net neutrality, but we hear you. Our company will remain net neutral.”

As pissed off as all of us are about this whole thing, any company who is smart enough to say that first, and actually follow through, is going to scoop up all the customers. Yes, they might lose money from advertisers, but that won’t matter if they don’t have anyone to advertise to.

If I had the money to become an internet provider tomorrow, you bet your life I’d be doing this. To hell with Big Brother. I want what I want. No one should get to choose for me. Who’s with me?

net neutrality

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2 thoughts on “A Great Net Neutrality Business Op

  1. Angiportus

    Me. Getting rid of certain bad types is still a challenge, but anyway.
    In unrelated news, the Ballard Bridge is 100 years old today! Have not so far found info on what is being done, but will check more news outlets later.
    Wish I could hang a big old banner from that building next to it, or something. Always had a soft spot for it, for some reason. I bet some of you folks might not have known that that bridge is also a crime-stopper. On a video I saw once, an operator once said that late one night the phone rang; it was the cops. “We are chasing a stolen vehicle…he just turned onto 15th heading south–can you stop him for us?” He waited till he saw the lights coming too fast down 15th and onto the approach, and blew the horn and initiated the operating cycle…The perp screeched to a stop, saw he was trapped, and surrendered…And this shows that in Seattle, it isn’t just the cops that are quick on the draw.

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