You’re Dismissed

I don’t know if I’m being unusually sensitive about this issue, but I’ve been seeing a lot of dismissiveness in the world of late, and it’s pissing me the hell off. (Yeah, I know, I said recently that I’d watch my mouth, but dammit… this is really pissing me the hell off.) There’s entirely too much “talk to the hand” going on, and it needs to stop.

It’s always people in positions of power who are doing the dismissing, too. Men, dismissing the Me Too movement, because they can, because they think we’re overreacting, because they just want us to shut up and take it. Congress, completely ignoring that the majority of us are screaming in outrage about their shenanigans. They just want what they want, and to hell with the people. The president, snatching away our public lands, breaking laws left and right, being as destructive as he possibly can. And having absolutely no remorse about it.

It’s going on locally, too. Police not taking the citizenry seriously, and 911 operators even less so. Doctors ignoring our very real health concerns. Loved ones not trusting each other’s ability to make sound decisions.

When did we all become so rude, selfish, and contemptuous? I’m here to tell you it’s not a good look. Nobody is feeling listened to. I certainly don’t. Do you?

When people feel dismissed, they feel helpless, and they react badly. This isn’t going to end well, people. You heard it here first. If you’re listening.


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4 thoughts on “You’re Dismissed

  1. lyn sutton

    I’m listening…no hand here. I understand your outrage and fears. Being female, old, disabled, cash poor, diminutive in stature, polite and considerate, I’m dismissed daily. It wears a person down but I can’t let it reduce me to their level because dismissive people usually lack the empathy or compassion humans need to retain their humanity. They need guidance away from the abyss they’re headed for. (Not all are lost causes) Let them know we’re there for them even if they’re not here for us. If they’ve any soul left they’ll realize there’s nothing to fear in hearing us out and it might even be mutually beneficial. If not, well… they’ve already gone over the edge, dismissing themselves from their humanity, so why allow them power over ours? Let’s show we’re not the helpless, manipulated children they’d like us to be and reclaim our power with our dignity in tact.
    Ever noticed how quickly dismissive people throw temper tantrums when they’re not listened to? 🙂

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