What to Cook When You Hate to Cook. Recipe 5: Lazy Burger Stir Fry

True confessions: I’m such a lazy cook that I don’t even have the patience to cook a hamburger properly. I usually break it up into smaller pieces and cook it that way, which makes it hard to put it on a bun. So somewhere along the line I decided to get “all fancy” and add other stuff.

So here’s my latest lazy recipe, which rarely takes more than 10 minutes. As per usual, quantities are entirely up to you.

Mandatory Ingredients:

Burger and Olive Oil

Suggested ingredients:



Any vegetables you happen to have, fresh, frozen, or canned.

If you’re really hungry, also add cheese or beans or eggs or rice or pasta.


Cook the burger in a little olive oil, medium heat. I add onion and garlic, too, but it’s not required. Season it however you like. Just make sure everything is fully cooked. Some people drain some of the grease at this point. I happen to be a greasy girl, so usually it stays. Then add… well… whatever floats your boat, and cook it however long you want.

Could there possibly be a recipe easier than this? I mean, seriously. I usually don’t even set off the smoke alarm with this one. (Usually.)

It tastes even better as leftovers! Enjoy.

ground beef

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