Exploring Washington State: Snoqualmie Falls

When I first moved to Washington I would ask everyone I met for suggestions as to what I should see and do in the area. Snoqualmie Falls was one of the first suggestions I received, and it kept coming up over and over again. I resisted taking the trek out there all alone. Waterfalls are romantic. They should be shared.

Maybe I’d have gotten over myself and gone had I known that they are actually relatively close to where I live. I had assumed that they were far away from Seattle. Long trips require a commitment. I just wasn’t ready to commit.

And then of course, this is the Pacific Northwest, so choosing a day that was balmy and rainless and also happened to fall on one of my days off was a perpetual challenge. Snoqualmie Falls always felt just out of reach for me. Emotionally out of reach. Meteorologically out of reach.

And then the other day, all the puzzle pieces seemed to fall into place. I looked up and realized that I have a boyfriend! Yay me! And it was going to be a sunny day. And we both had the time off. So off we went.

And yes, as predicted, the falls are absolutely stunning, all 270 feet of them, especially when you are viewing them with someone’s arms around you. I love being in awe of nature’s power.

And the free parking is only 200 yards from the overlook. You can’t beat that. If you are really into romance, I have to say that the Salish Lodge, which overlooks the falls, seems like it would be the perfect place to stay warm and enjoy the colored lights that illuminate the cascade at night.

The town of Snoqualmie is also delightful, especially the historic district. And there are plenty of cute little shops to explore. The views of Mount Si are breathtaking. There’s plenty of hiking in the area as well.

Snoqualmie Casino is nearby, too, but I can’t make any recommendation about that as we didn’t stop in. Casinos really aren’t my thing. I am told that it’s also a great music venue, though, so maybe someday.

We did go to Rhodies Smokin BBQ in nearby Preston, because barbecues are most definitely my thing. I’ve got to say that they have the best potato salad I’ve ever had. (And the ribs were pretty smokin’, too!)

So if you ever find yourself in the Seattle area, I have to side with the majority for a change and tell you that Snoqualmie Falls and its environs are well worth the visit. Check ‘em out with someone you love.

Snoqualmie Falls

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3 thoughts on “Exploring Washington State: Snoqualmie Falls

  1. I am going to change the suggestion. In November, when there is a flooding rain. Call in sick or do whatever you need to do. I love those falls any day of the year, but during a flooding rain, your mouth will drop!

    Just discovered a new waterfall near my new house in Lincoln City! I plan to check it out this fall as well!

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