Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

True confessions: I have a problem with heights. I know that’s weird for someone who has worked on drawbridges for 17 years, but there you have it. Altitude freaks me out.

So, when I found myself 230 feet above the Capilano River on a 450-foot-long suspension bridge that dances and sways like Fred Astaire on steroids, I was questioning my sanity. Talk about walking on the wild side. I think I made it across (twice) because I was with my boyfriend. I figured that at least I wouldn’t have to die alone.

“Is this what an earthquake feels like?” I asked him.

“Yeah. Pretty much.”

But I have to say that the view was spectacular. What is it about Canada that makes nature seem so enormous and grand? I mean, seriously, just cross the border and watch how Mother Nature seems to stand up and reach for the sky. It’s amazing.

After surviving the suspension bridge, the Treetops Adventure seemed like a piece of cake. The seven suspension bridges involved are “only” 110 feet above the ground, and are much shorter and a lot less prone to doing the Cha-cha. That suited me. And they allow you to walk at treetop level, amongst the gigantic 250-year-old Douglas Firs. The construction of the walkways was really impressive. They use collars around the trees that allow for their growth, and no nails or screws penetrate the trees at all. I love that.

Just getting to admire these enormous trees from a completely new perspective was a delight. And the air was so fresh and clean, even though it’s just north of the booming metropolis that is Vancouver. I just seem to breathe better in Canada. (When it’s not on fire.)

After this curious mix of adrenaline and bliss, we decided not to try the Cliffwalk. That was just too much height for one day, as far as I was concerned. And part of the narrow walkway has a glass floor. No thanks. I’ll pass. We were content to take pictures from above.

So I’ll leave you with these photos and this piece of advice: If you ever find yourself near Vancouver and only have time to do one thing, this would be the thing I’d recommend.

Check this out, y’all. I wrote a book!

6 thoughts on “Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

  1. Angiportus

    And you didn’t have to lift those!
    When I was in my late teens I got a wild hair to become an elevator mechanic, but realized I don’t have the requisite tolerance for heights…
    As for the museum in La Conner, what I really like–besides that strip under the ceiling with the intricate designs, and I know the lady who did that–is those great big wooden sliding doors in the 2 front rooms on the 1st floor. Examine them next time you are there.

  2. Angiportus

    Bottled air, like bottled water, sounds like the biggest scam since…the last one. Get a Brita and plant trees if you are worried. Me, I’ve got enough worries already.

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