The Best of a Bad Situation

So, this happened recently: A U.S. Forest Service employee was in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest here in Washington State, preparing for stream surveys. The next thing she knows, she’s got two wolves staring her down, and they refused to be scared off. She wound up climbing a tree to get away from them, which I think was an excellent move on her part.

Once she was 30 feet up the tree, I’m sure she was relatively safe. Wolves aren’t arboreal creatures, after all. But now, what to do? Fortunately, we live in the modern world, and she was able to use her cell phone to call for help.

A helicopter responded in 14 minutes, and that finally caused the wolves to leave the area. So all’s right with the world. Yay.

But what intrigues me, and what doesn’t seem to be reported anywhere, are those 14 minutes she spent alone with the wolves. One assumes, having a job like that, she is a nature lover. How awesome that she had that time. I hope she didn’t waste it playing Angry Birds on her phone or something.

Did she talk to them? Did she look into their eyes? Did she take pictures? Did they howl? What did that feel like, close up? Did she take a minute to contemplate what an amazing story she would be able to tell for the rest of her life? Because, honestly, who gets to have that experience?

It is said that she was pretty shaken up by the incident. I get that. But I hope she also took the time to live it, really live it, and, once she knew that help was on the way, realize what an amazing situation she was in.

Since she got away with only a few scratches, and no wolves were harmed, I kind of envy her.

http _biomee.wikispaces.com_file_view_grey-wolf-snow.jpg_33063485_grey-wolf-snow

An attitude of gratitude is what you need to get along. Read my book!

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