Our Own Private Crop Circles

Dreams. I’ve always considered them messages from my subconscious. Which makes it all the more frustrating when I don’t understand them.

A friend of mine calls them our own private crop circles. Like those beautiful and mysterious creations (whether you believe they’re man made or otherwise), we know these dreams are trying to tell us something, but what? Good question.

I’ve always kind of assumed that my subconscious knows more about what’s going on with me than I do. But if that’s really true, why can’t it enunciate, at the very least? Quit mumbling gibberish.

Why can’t it say, “Yo, you are stressed out about xyz, and I have no intention of letting you sleep peacefully until you deal with it.” I’m much more functional when my marching orders are clear.

Instead, what does it give me? Dreams about being chased by bats or  giraffes walking on water.

We share the same head. You’d think we’d speak the same language.

http _stobblehouse.com_photo_cropcircles_silburyhill2005

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9 thoughts on “Our Own Private Crop Circles

  1. lyn sutton

    You will understand the message when you are ready to accept the truth of it. Your dreams are trying to wake you but you keep hitting the snooze button. Let go the fear and all will be clear…or at least weave those dreams into your stories and give them life. 🙂

      1. lyn sutton

        To clarify, I meant give your strange dreams life, not your stories. They’re rich with life as is. Still would like to read more of your dreams. With your bizarre nocturnal visions you could be a Salvador Dali of the literary world. Off topic, but thought you’d enjoy the humor having been a Floridian… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Rryo67CItc

  2. Angiportus

    Some dreams might be portentous, but I think many are just noise…neurological byproducts…the methane of the mind. If something interesting does turn up, or if it matches something that then happens, it’s by chance.
    There’s some folks might be able to weave some sense into it before they wake up, and get more sense out of it after. But I don’t know how. I don’t have a lot of fear to start with, when it comes to dreams. There may be other realms, and messages to pay attention to, but not always.
    If you can use that neurological methane to fuel something wonderful, you are fortunate.

  3. Well, it seems obvious to me, why you dream about being chased by bats! Because you have been chased by bats! And the giraffe walking on water, that is the bridge over the water with you up in the tower like a giraffe over water, see? See? See? Yup, it is all so obvious, and yet so poetic and so literary of you.

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