Talk About a Scary Movie

So, there’s a movie out called The Trump Prophecy that makes out that Trump is the instrument of God. I kid you not. He can commit billions of dollars’ worth of fraud, brag about grabbing female private parts, be completely incapable of quoting the Bible, take children away from their parents, and yet the evangelicals will endorse him wholeheartedly, even in the form of a movie.

Oh, and it gets worse. The “prophet” in this movie? Mark Taylor. Real guy. Google him. He actually believes that the Democrats control the weather and that they can conjure up hurricanes to cover up election fraud. He also thinks that God talks to him through racehorses. I’m not making this up. You can see him say such things on Youtube.

Here’s hoping that the majority of us have enough critical thinking skills left to know how insane all of this is. The ones who are already convinced will love this movie. I doubt it’s going to cause anyone else to go to the dark side. But these days, you never know.

Not since the Roman Empire have so many tried to deify a leader. And even the Bible warns us that that does not turn out well. Trump is the least Godly president we’ve ever had.

The world has gone mad.

The Trump Prophecy

A big thanks to StoryCorps for inspiring this blog and my first book.

6 thoughts on “Talk About a Scary Movie

  1. James

    Oh my, thanks for the laugh – I needed that. This film and its ridiculous star (and his equally ridiculous wig) are comedy gold. I imagine it’s less funny if you live in the U.S. and have to put up with the Trump regime in person, but on the other hand in a democracy voters get the government they deserve.

      1. James

        I agree of course, but you’ve had the electoral college for, what – decades? Centuries perhaps? The electorate knew it exists and they should have either taken account of it in the run up to the election (campaigning even more fiercely for Hillary in key areas) or they should have abolished it while there was still a normal president and government, i.e. *before* a headcase was let into the White House.

        Anyway, I’m from the UK, so can hardly act all and mighty when it comes to foolhardy electoral blunders 😛

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