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Someday soon, I’m going indoor skydiving! I’ve always wanted to do that. I was given a gift card to do so this year for my birthday. It’s going to be epic! (And it will no doubt spawn a blog post, so stay tuned!)

I’d also like to go ziplining. I’ve actually tried to do so a couple of times, but something always seems to get in the way. There’s a zipline in my future, though. I can feel it.

A friend of mine said, “I could never do that.”

My response was, “Oh, where’s your sense of adventure?”

And that, as per usual, got me thinking. Where is one’s sense of adventure? Where does it reside?

It certainly doesn’t live in your head, because it’s often your head that talks you out of doing things. “You fool! You’re going to get yourself killed!” “It’s too expensive.” “You’re too old.” “People will laugh at you.”

No. It’s definitely not in your head. Your brain can be your own worst enemy in these situations.

Could your sense of adventure reside in your heart? Well, the heart has a love/hate relationship with adventure. It starts to pound in anticipation of it. It certainly pounds during it. It nearly bursts with joy at having lived through it. How you interpret these reactions will greatly determine how much adventure you crave.

Did all that heart pounding and bursting feel exciting and wonderful? Then, yes, more please. Was it nauseating and terrifying? Then, never ever again. Ever. It all boils down to whether or not you are risk averse.

That’s what makes me believe that your sense of adventure resides in your very soul. Either you have it or you don’t. Either you’ll do these things or you won’t.

There’s no right answer. Only you can decide what’s right for you. But meanwhile, I’ll be over there, indoor skydiving. Woo hoo!

Indoor skydiving

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2 thoughts on “Where’s Your Sense of Adventure?

  1. Carole Lewis says:

    OH, You will have so much fun. I did it about 25 yrs. ago, because I heard John Denver did it in Gatlinburg. I guess I was your age. I had only ridden a horse a few times when I was invited to dress a goat at a horseshow. So I did… ride full out to the middle of the ring, jump off, put a T-shirt and boxer shorts on the goat. Jump back on and ride out. I got a trophy… What a hoot. Tandem jump out of plane for 73 B’Day, Climb the steps of the State Capitol, Ride a Giant Wood Roller Coaster “Lightening Rod” at Dollywood. I am up for the challenge. At age 76, my number 1 bucket list is to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Alas I know I will never get to go to Australia. So I meet all the challenges I can. Some really small but challenges never the less, bring them on. They confirm things about you, you never knew you could do, Then pat yourself on the back.

    1. Carole, you will always and forever be an inspiration to me!

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