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I saw a sign the other day that nearly made me drive off the road. It was in front of a church. (Yup. Buckle up.) It said:

“Did the LORD wake you up this morning? No? Who rotates earth?”

Oh, where to begin.

First of all, I instantly got this image of the sign creator gleefully looking at his work and saying, “Yes! Finally! Proof that God exists that NO ONE can argue with!!!!”

I weep for humanity.

To be absolutely clear, this blog post is not about whether or not God exists. I’m not going there. I have a cold, and that’s much too meaty a topic for me to dig into at the moment.

No. This post is about the ignorance of Man and the stupidity, in particular, of this sign.

In the Trump era, I’m kinda getting used to people taking absurd leaps in logic. Mostly I just shake my head sadly and move on. But to ask who’s spinning the planet, you must first believe that in order for the planet to spin, some entity or other must be spinning it.

To that, I can only respond, “Kindly get your head out of the stone age and join the rest of us in 2019.”  Anyone with a passing concept of the laws of physics knows that there’s no one sitting at a gigantic pottery wheel in the sky, tediously spinning, spinning, spinning our world for us. If that were necessary, it would be a horribly cruel job to saddle someone with. It sounds more like a task to give someone who is residing in hell.

That there are people out there who have never taken physics or learned of gravity or heard of Copernicus doesn’t surprise me overmuch. (Saddens me, yes, surprises me, no.) But in order to take this sign seriously, you have to believe in witchcraft. Your society would have to be at the developmental stage where you think that you must provide a blood sacrifice in order to make the sun rise each day. You’d have to wear bones in your nose and club your women and drag them into your cave.

If your spiritual belief includes a higher power, I hope that he, she, or it is sophisticated enough to not be wasting time on the minutiae. Because there’s a lot of work to do up in this mo’ fo’. There’s no time for dilly dallying.


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2 thoughts on “Who’s Spinning the Planet?

  1. Angiportus Librarysaver says:

    Angular momentum.
    Sorry to be late with this, but if there is no god who pulls up the next Kleenex?
    Seriously, though, I’ve always been disgusted with the way so many reduce the mystery of the universe to a mean, bossy old man. You can be sure it was made up by mean, bossy old men to shore up their power. As for one alternative, a nature goddess, that is no improvement; red in tooth and claw, etc.
    I’ll go with science. For most things anyway….the exceptions being stuff I can’t well talk about anyway, and figured out way back when that any mystical nonsense ever I decided to use would be my own, tailored to fit me. It’s been…fun.
    Someone gives me a scientific story of why planets spin, or why toast always seems to land butter side down, I can make sense out of it, or if I can’t I figure that getting off my duff and [re-] learning math would make me able to. But when someone says that blacks are less intelligent than whites, or women not suited for engineering, or men not able to control themselves and the duty thereof falls on women, or men are just plain superfluous, or if a kid is an oddball introvert they must be autistic, or…well, you gotta wonder who is profiting off this.
    Don’t get me started on the government.

    1. I couldn’t possibly add anything to your comment to improve it, so I’ll simply say… what you said! Please don’t ever change a bit, Angi. 😉

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