A Shout Out from Billy Sue

(At the time I first wrote this post, I wasn’t aware that Billy Sue was a fictional character. Now, everyone knows that. But you know what? I still love Billy Sue, and I don’t regret at all having paid for the video below. I paid to be entertained. She entertained me. She earned it. It’s all good.)

In this internet age, it seems like we all can get more than our usual 15 minutes of fame. I mean, you’re reading this blog, right? And what makes me so special?

In that same vein, about a year ago I stumbled upon the YouTube channel of Jessie 31. She would video the antics of her crazy neighbor, Billy Sue. Billy Sue is a hillbilly with a hot temper and no filter whatsoever. I’d be afraid to live next door to her, if I’m honest. She shouts a lot. And throws things.

And you can tell if you watch these videos that they’re not staged in any way. Billy Sue is sincere in her fury and outrage. In that way, she kind of reminds me of my favorite cartoon character, Marvin Martian. He taught me as a child that it’s okay to be angry sometimes. And that made me love him.

And there’s something about Billy Sue, and the way Jessie manages to get along with her, that just makes me kind of love them both. They make me laugh. They make me happy. It’s hard to explain. It’s kind of like beer. Either you like it or you don’t.

Well, recently Jessie came up with an idea to let Billy Sue make a little money off their YouTube fame. They registered on Cameo.com, and now, for a small fee (which is apparently rising quickly), you can get a shout out from Billy Sue.

I couldn’t resist. So here’s the video Billy Sue made just for me. She even talks about this blog and wishes me luck. I can’t stop smiling every time I watch it. Worth it at twice the price. And I guess she’s figuring that out, because it now costs more than twice what I paid. Well, good for her, I say!

Billy Sue, don’t ever change, girl.



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21 thoughts on “A Shout Out from Billy Sue

      1. Lisa Scharlott Mann

        I think she would love the book, signed, your pic included, and a message telling her how much you appreciate her, Had it not been for Billy, I wouldn’t have found your blog. Your sentiments are the same as mine when it comes to Billy: she makes me smile.

  1. Susan

    I agree! The relationship between Jessie and Billy is hilarious, and Jessie is so much more patient with her than I ever could be. I would probably end up being like her nemesis neighbor Scott! Congrats on your shoutout!

  2. Lisa Scharlott Mann

    Love, love, love Billy Sue and Jessie! So glad to find a fan. Billy makes me smile too. And apparently she has some earthy wisdom that we are all paying for. lol.

  3. SERIOUSLY can’t get enough of Billy Sue. I wish so bad she was my neighbor. But I would probably lose my job after staying home to hang with Billy too often. Wicked shout out.. she is hilarious!

  4. Billy sue! It’d really make my birthday if you gave my twin and i a birthday shout out. Do you have tshirts yet. Cuz id live one. And if you don’t you should with your pucture on it. One with you wearing your emeine t shirt. I live in sunny ca ocean side 10 mins walking distance to beach
    Love to party with you and have you for a freind. Mi casa tu casa. your the best genuinebrity in a long time your the best.You brightebmy days billy. Big things are in store for you. And you deserve it.

    1. Oops think im doing this bkwards. Billys the best
      I dont know howd she change
      She already knows her worth and demands to be treated as she feels to be write for her. I love her. Her style honesty. And fun personality. Shes smart. And cheers me up everytime i watch her. Id love to see her mingle with.celebrities. for she is one. I’ll take billy over the boring Kardashian s everytime. Love to see her with that crowd. Shed hold her own and look good doing it

  5. CJ

    I’m just reading the recent comments below and after reading the blog it seems the people on this page, including the author Barb are unaware that Billy Sue is fake.
    She is a skit put on by sisters Carley and Casey Adams. (Carley playing Billy Sue & Casey playing Jessie).
    I love the characters and don’t want to see it end.
    Sorry if I burst anyone’s bubble but this page just seemed so clueless and Carley Adans needs support right now if Billy Sue is to continue.
    She’s receiving a lot of backlash for being deceitful and misleading.
    Personally, I don’t ever remember being told that Billy Sue was ever 100% legit. Jessie (Casey) has never said it.
    People assumed it was real and now they’re angry because they misjudged a character and want their money back from Cameos.
    I’m on Team Carley and Casey. I want Billy Sue to continue. Real or not, the entertainment will still be there. Peace out.

    1. Yes, I’ve heard this, but I’ve never seen any legitimate disclosure that this is anything but a conspiracy theory. Some of the explanations seem a little far fetched to me. Until it’s a definite, until Billy Sue comes out and fesses up, I’m not addressing it. I still love Billy Sue, whether she’s a character or a real person, and I still view it as money well spent.

  6. Jackie

    Well this is fantastic. There are comments about this being for real. Or phony. Well I don’t care I love Billy Sue and she makes me laugh. All the time. Just keep em coming. Good job. , Jackie jackie

  7. Megan Crowley

    I live Billy I have heard it’s an act if it is so she needs to be on t.v. Billy Sue you are a wonderful actress.Would live to meet you.

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