Sleeping Nostalgia

I miss being able to sleep anytime, anywhere.

My niece recently posted a picture of her son, sound asleep in the car, after a hard day in 1st grade. Ah, the memories. I miss being able to sleep anytime, anywhere, regardless of the circumstances.

I miss being completely indifferent to sound or light or motion or surroundings. I miss sleeping so deeply that I’d wake up in my room without any memory of having been picked up and carried there. I really miss being tucked in.

I miss drooling on someone’s shoulder. No. I take that back. I don’t miss that. What I miss is being so easily forgiven for doing something that disgusting. Try pulling that off at age 54 sometime.

I miss the concept that naps are mandatory, rather than a guilty pleasure. I miss taking sleep so for granted that I could pitch a fit rather than do it, secure in the knowledge that I’d get there eventually. I miss not being kept awake by my own thoughts and concerns.

Most of all, I miss that level of deep, unwavering trust. I have fond memories of being so certain that if I took a train to dream land, someone would be there to watch over my corporeal being until I returned.

Enjoy it while you can, kiddo.


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Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Nostalgia”

  1. It’s a wonder anyone can sleep given the state of the world and our current ruler. But at least I’ve found a replacement for the Little Boxes ear worm you infected me with… (lyrics and background under show notes)
    An eloquent message for our king, from Rufus Wainwright, that feels like a lullaby. Strangely, it has a calming effect amidst the chaos. Think I’ll put it on a loop and sleep to it tonight. Sweet dreams.

      1. Of course not. He’s incapable of such introspection. It’s like a great protest sign. You don’t expect those you’re protesting to get it but you hope it will inform, inspire and wake those who do into action beyond the words. We could all stand to raise kindness above all else and avoid the books of hatred behind the shelves.

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