Wings Over Washington

I’ll be taking all my out of town guests here!

It can be a lot of fun to be a tourist in your own town, especially when you’ve only lived there for 5 years and still kind of feel like a baby fawn just learning to walk. So it was when dear husband took me to the Seattle waterfront to experience Wings Over Washington.

You can’t really miss the place. It’s right by the Seattle Great Wheel. Tickets for this ride cost 17 dollars plus tax for adults, and it’s worth it. It’s great fun. It kind of made me nostalgic for Disney World.

The first room you enter reminded me of Disney’s Country Bear Jamboree with its animatronic bears. In this case, though, it’s animatronic Pacific Northwest totems that you experience. It was kind of corny, but it made me smile.

The next room is the ride itself. Try to sit in the back row. And if you’re afraid of heights, brace yourself. The floor will drop out beneath you, and the huge screen with Washington state footage on it, with all its peaks and valleys and waterfalls, will leave you convinced that you’re hundreds of feet in the air. It’s quite an adventure.

I left Wings Over Washington feeling proud that I live in such a gorgeous state. It also made me want to take a lot more road trips. I’ll be bringing all my out of state visitors here, if they’re up for the challenge.

Now, if you don’t think you’ll ever find yourself in Seattle (poor you), or if you’re financially unable to partake of this ride, or if you’re too afraid of heights, here’s a little cheat for you: You are not supposed to video this ride, but someone did. This link takes you two minutes into the bootleg video, because the first minutes are a blurry, messy, waste of time. But the rest gives you an idea of what you’d see. Only, it’s just a small idea. The ride is 1000 times better. You have to be there, with the big screen and the moving seats, to really feel like you’re flying.

Bottom line: Wings Over Washington—highly recommended!

Wings Over Washington

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