Finally, a Feel-Good Story from the Australian Fires

It’s the people already giving 110 percent who step up.

My heart has been breaking for Australia since the latest bush fires started in September. I can’t even imagine the extent of the utter devastation. It’s said that more than half the koala population has died. And they are but one of the unique Australian mammals that have been disastrously affected.

Fortunately, rain has finally, finally taken hold, and it looks like these fires have done their worst. At least, for now. But when will we start taking Global Warming seriously? What are we waiting for? I hope it’s not too late. That’s a subject for another post.

But I did want to share one feel-good story that has arisen, phoenix-like, from the ashes. It seems that some soldiers from the 9th Brigade of the Australian Army that were deployed to battle these fires have been volunteering during their rest periods (read more here). They have been helping to feed and comfort injured koalas at the Cleland Wildlife Park. (And it’s an organization well worth supporting. Just saying.)

It always amazes me when people who are already giving 110 percent to mitigate a tragedy then step up to do even more. They’re the ones who volunteer. They’re the ones who ask how they can help. The people who are already exhausted and discouraged and on the ragged edge from their efforts. They rise.

That is what I love about humanity in general. That intangible thing that makes some of us go above and beyond. That integrity. That strength. That valor.

We all have it within us to be heroes. That goes beyond our gender or our nationality or our politics or our religion. It’s a quality that we can choose to nurture or cast aside.

Here’s hoping enough of us make the right choices to make a difference in this very pivotal point in human history.


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