Mid-Month Marvels: Frontline Foods

What a brilliant way to support healthcare workers and restaurants during COVID-19!

A recurring theme in this blog is the celebration of people and/or organizations that have a positive impact on their communities. What they do is not easy, but it’s inspirational, and we don’t hear enough about them. So I’ve decided to commit to singing their praises at least once a month. I’ll be calling it Mid-Month Marvels. If you have any suggestions for the focus of this monthly spotlight, let me know in the comments below!

Sometimes the simplest, most straightforward ideas lead to the most effective organizations. Here’s the concept: Healthcare workers are overwhelmed during our current pandemic, and restaurants are struggling to stay open due to social distancing. So why not come up with an organization that provides healthcare workers with meals from local eateries that are paid for by donors? Win/win! The emergency room staff gets a free meal, and the restaurant gets paid for their delicious food.

And from just such a thought process, Frontline Foods was born. As of this writing, it’s in 30 US cities, and could easily expand to others, so check it out. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities, and of course you can donate either to a local chapter, or nationally, so that the money will go where it’s most needed.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting this very worthy and brilliant organization, to show our healthcare workers and our restaurants how much we appreciate them! Thank you!

Frontline Foods

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