Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Teaching

We learn from each other, if only by example.

Recently, a friend thanked me for my blog, because, she said, “I always learn something new from you!” That made my entire year. That is one of the primary goals I have for this blog. I’m constantly learning new things, and I feel as though it’s my duty to pass that on.

When I was a little girl and was pressed by a well-meaning adult to reveal what I planned to be when I grew up (as if I knew—I still don’t), my stock response was that I wanted to be a teacher. If they asked me why, I’d say, “So I can yell at kids and get away with it.”

(It’s funny to realize I didn’t like kids even when I was one myself. How telling. But I digress.)

Even as a small child, I knew that I loved learning. And to me, imparting what I had learned was just a natural progression. It used to frustrate me no end when I’d come home from school, all excited about some new bit of information I had acquired, only to be told by my mother that she already knew that. (I mean, throw me a bone. Pretend you don’t know and are fascinated. Ask a few questions. Would that have killed you?)

To imply that teachers are the only ones who teach is a gross fallacy. I do love teachers, and I’m very grateful that they exist. But every one of us is a teacher in one way or another. We learn from each other, if only by example. Every time you tell a story, you’re teaching. Every time you answer a question, you’re teaching. It’s part of the societal contract.

I absolutely adore learning new things. It’s what makes life worth living. It keeps me enthusiastic, and enthusiasm, by its very nature, just has to be passed on. So, yeah, I guess you’re stuck with me and this little blog.

If I only had one piece of advice to give, it would be to never stop learning and never stop teaching.


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Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

7 thoughts on “Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Teaching”

  1. I figured that out a while back. Learning goes on as long as the heartbeat does.

  2. Yes every one of us is a teacher, including children. If you’re patient enough, and not dismissive of them, they’ll teach you some profound lessons. I speak from the experience of a parent and having taught preschoolers. You don’t have to make a commitment to them to learn from them. Sorry your mother treated you like that. It’s colored the way you view children. I had that attitude from my mother and it crushed my self esteem. Fortunately I had an enthusiastic grandmother and father that listened, so nothing gives me more joy than watching children learn and grow. Just as your blog does, it encourages me to keep learning and sharing my experiences.

    1. I’m glad to hear that. You know what I like most about children? They are willing to put themselves out there. They’ll plop themselves down in front of you as if to say, “Here I am. What are you all about? Entertain me. Teach me.” We all need to be that open.

  3. I feel that some of my youthful curiosity has come back after decades of being put away. As far as children, they ask good questions to the astronauts when it is a live session with a school and the Space Station. I learn from those kids and from the answers they get. I can’t do a whole lot physically. Learning helps keep my mind off of problems and I could tell I was not use to using my brain much while assembling the lego ISS this week. Took me three days and took my time, corrected errors, and completed it. Doing that was alarming how my brain is not use to working. I need to read more books of my interests. Hopefully that will wake up the sleeping brain. Maybe investing in these model kits will help in more ways than one. That is my story and yes I learn from you too. I want to thank you for so many reasons. For one, you are always kind to me.

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