Bogey and Bacall Know Best

Did we really want bird poop on our speaker?

Back in May, we noticed that some birds, Dark-eyed Juncos, to be exact, were building a nest on the wall-mounted speaker we have on our back patio. We do love our Juncos, but did we want bird poop on our speaker? Not really. So, before the nest was completed, my husband kindly built them a wall-mounted platform on the same wall at the same height, only further down, where we are less apt to hang out. He relocated the nesting material there.

The Juncos, whom we have since named Bogey and Bacall, quickly found the new location, and they did, in fact, inspect it thoroughly, but apparently it did not meet their standards. But we had put some cardboard on top of the speaker, so they couldn’t move back in there. So they seemed to have left. That made me sad.

But we forgot that there was a second speaker on the patio, and a few weeks later, they were back at it again. This time we decided to let them have their way. Bogey and Bacall know best where they want to nest. Soon they made themselves right at home.

Sometimes Bogey will scold us from atop our fire pit when we sit on the back patio, as seen in one of the pictures below. One time he even flew into the house to see what we were up to. But mostly it has been a live and let live relationship.

I was delighted to spot two chicks on the nest recently. And my husband spotted a third. They’re growing so quickly! Hopefully they’ll soon fly on and allow us to use our speaker again.

Nature is awesome.

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Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

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