Debunking Chemtrails

Step away from the lunatic fringe.

Let’s round out the year with some facts, shall we? Chemtrails are a myth. There is no credible evidence to support their existence.

I suspect that if you’ve read past that first paragraph, I’m probably already preaching to the choir. That’s a pity. It’s nearly impossible to disabuse a conspiracy theorist of their erroneous conclusions. The only reason I’m even giving it a try is that I still see this subject come up time and time again on social media, from sources that I think are way too smart for this foolishness, and I’m hoping that if you know someone who seems to be on the fence about the issue, you may be able to use this post to draw that person away from the lunatic fringe.

According to this article in the Smithsonian, based on public policy polling, “…about five percent of Americans believe in chemtrails. That’s more than the four percent who believe lizard people are taking over our politics but much less than the number who believe in bigfoot or that global warming is a hoax.”

Give me strength.

Okay, let’s start with the basics.

You’re not being conned. We call them contrails because that’s short for condensation trails. You’re familiar with condensation. You’ve seen it gathering on the outside of a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day. It’s why you use coasters. You’ve seen it dripping out of your old air conditioning window unit when you were trying to beat the heat. Condensation requires three things to exist: warmth, cold, and moisture.

Jet engines provide the warm water vapor by way of their exhaust or by way of a sudden change in pressure when air flows over the wings. (However, wingtips require an assist in the form of high humidity in the air.) This moisture hits the cold air that the high atmosphere provides and that causes this water vapor to cool and condense. Ta da! Condensation! (This article explains it in more detail, but it’s really just that simple. I promise.)

And here are some FAQs for you:

Why do we seem to be seeing more trails in the sky? Because contrails are produced by planes, and we have increased the number of flights for travel and shipping over time.

Why do they seem so bright? Because sunlight reflects off the ice crystals, just as it does on sparkly snow. You’ve seen sparkly snow.

Why do these trails seem to last longer than they used to? Because a) you’re paying more attention to them, b) there have been changes in jet engine technology and c) (please don’t kill the messenger) global warming may cause the trails to linger longer.

Why do they often make big exes in the sky? Because planes fly in different directions and are at different altitudes. It may look like the cross is located right over your house from your angle, but I guarantee you that one leg of the x is at a much higher altitude than the other, so someone on the other side of the county, seeing it from another angle, is probably thinking that the x is over his or her house, too. (You get an x, you get an x, EVERYBODY GETS AN X!!!!!!!!!!)

Okay, then, why have theorists found traces of barium, aluminum, copper and strontium in ponds, snow, and air? Because we have polluted the freakin’ planet. All of us. Perhaps you’d be better off focusing on our need for green energy.

Why do some of these trails have multiple bands? Because some planes have multiple engines. And all have multiple wing tips. (Yes, condensation can come off of wing tips, too. With help. See above.)

Why can’t I believe that these trails are a government conspiracy to control the weather, the population, or to test biological weapons? Well, you can, if you insist. But…

  • If the government is trying to control the weather, they’re doing a horrible job of it. I’d like to send some of the Pacific Northwest rain down to California where it’s so desperately needed, please.
  • If they’re trying to control the population, again, they’re doing a horrible job of it.
  • Due to ever-changing wind currents, they couldn’t specify the exact population they would be controlling from that altitude. People in the government have families, too, and they don’t want them to be messed with. They may not want you to have grandchildren, but they want some of their own.
  • If there is some type of aerosol birth control out there, especially one that would provide the exact proper dose to everyone with whom it comes in contact, I wish to hell someone had told me about it before I got my tubes tied.
  • Perhaps most glaringly obvious is the fact that it would be idiotic to test biological weapons on your own populous, because the whole point of producing something to use to wipe out your enemies is to wind up with more of your friends when all is said and done. So by that way of thinking, it would have to be a foreign government doing these tests.
  • Every country heavily monitors their own air space, so it would be awfully hard for another country to drop chemical weapons on us, all over the country, on a daily basis, without our being extremely aware of it. We knew the exact location of sputnik, for crying out loud. And in the case of a daily invasion of that magnitude, our government would be pissed. There would be tweets, believe you me.
  • How could our own government produce daily chemtrails all over the country when it can’t even work out an efficient way to provide us with sufficient vaccines to get this pandemic under control? To believe that the government is using chemtrails, you have to have a heck of a lot more confidence in their organizational, logistical, and secret-keeping abilities than I do.

Okay. That’s it. I’m done. I tried. Now it’s up to you to think critically.

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Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

7 thoughts on “Debunking Chemtrails”

  1. These are a few of the legitimate things that popped up under controlling the weather that can seed chemtrail theories…
    When you throw in the Tuskegee Study, Project Sunshine, MK-ULTRA, Saddam Hussein’s WMDs, Snowden’s revelations, the Gulf of Tonkin incident and other proven government conspiracies, it’s easy to see how fringe theories evolve and persist. Secrecy tends to create suspicion and distrust of an agencies facts. I like to research conspiracy theory creations, which usually begin with a kernel of truth that’s twisted by ones fears of being controlled or manipulated. The problem is, when a government is exposed as guilty of numerous conspiracies, it makes it difficult for some to trust their denials. Also, some people aren’t scientifically or technically inclined which limits their ability to think critically in these instances.
    As for weather control, that agencies admit to working on, it would be a welcomed solution if done safely and openly. Besides, we’ve already controlled the weather, albeit negatively, by polluting everything. As of 2019 non-CO2 effects, such as warming induced by aircraft contrails and other pollutants, contribute approximately 5 percent of the world’s climate-warming problem. By 2050, commercial aircraft emissions could triple due to growth of air travel and freight. So we definitely need a green energy solution for contrails that increase global warming which is the opposite of the chemtrail theory that they’re for albedo modification to cool temperatures.

    1. I understand mistrust of the government. I definitely do. But the fact that all of those things you mentioned are now out in the open kind of props up my theory that it’s hard to keep a secret… for very along at least. Regardless, Chemtrails are a myth.

      1. The Tuskegee study lasted 40 years in secrecy. MK-ULTRA remained a secret for 22 years. The Gulf of Tonkin incident took place in 1964 but the truth wasn’t made public until 2007. Because some government conspiracies managed to remain a secret for so long, those who believe the myth of chemtrails will only accept the truth when the passage of time, with no mass die offs and infertility cases occurring, proves them wrong. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for them to think critically on this subject. From all I’ve researched about them they’re fully committed to their beliefs. I’ve been fascinated with this particular group for 5 years now because some of them seem to be intelligent, articulate, concerned people who you wouldn’t expect to believe in fringe conspiracies.

      2. It’s a lot harder to keep secrets now, with social media and cell phone cams. The police are finally discovering this. No WAY could the concentration camps be kept secret from so many of the Germans in this day and age. And yes, I have a couple friends and relatives who apparently believe in chemtrails, and it stuns me.

  2. Thanks for a good takedown of something I hadn’t investigated. You know something about Cutting Thru Crap. Happy arbitrarily designated temporal division based on unappealing mythology. See you next year!

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