The Wisconsin Wolf Cull

What could possibly go wrong?

It is estimated that there are 1,000 wolves roaming the state of Wisconsin. Or there were, until the Department of Natural Resources allowed the annual wolf cull in February and it got way out of hand. In January, the Trump administration removed federal wolf protections. Coincidence? 

According to an article entitled, “’Reckless slaughter’ is what animal conservation director calls Wisconsin wolf cull”, the cull was to last a week as it has every year for decades, and this time authorities were allowing the slaughter of 119 wolves, statewide. Hunters had a mandate to hunt at night and use dogs, which is something that isn’t even condoned during deer hunting season. What could possibly go wrong?

After the first few days, the cull had to be called off, because 178 wolves had been killed, instead of 119. Many hunters, deep in the woods, claimed they didn’t get the “stop the hunt” order before they bagged their limit. Yeah, because these guys believe in wolf conservation in the first place. I’m sure they planned to be compliant.

I understand that farmers and rural ranchers take issue with wolves. They say they kill their livestock and pets. But you’re living in nature. You need to allow for these things. And there is mounting evidence that apex predators keep the environment healthy for all the other animals and plants. You don’t get to style nature as if it’s a haircut. Or, at least you shouldn’t be allowed to.

Wolves are highly intelligent pack animals that are interdependent. One death impacts the entire pack. The wolf population, nationwide, is too small for this type of slaughter. Ignorance abounds.

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