Spread Goodness Day 2021

We need this day more than ever.

I’ve blogged about Spread Goodness Day, and its amazing founder, Anna Dravland, in past years. After the year we’ve all had, it seems to me that this day is needed more than ever. We’ve missed out on a lot of goodness due to this pandemic and the social turmoil that has washed over us. I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted.

There have been times this year when I’ve been tempted to abandon all hope. What snaps me out of it, consistently, is hearing about someone who is doing good. It restores my faith in humanity.

Too, I get a thrill when I do good for others. I’m getting rather addicted to it, if I’m honest. It’s a rush. We may not have much control over our lives, but we do have control over how we behave and what we do for others.

As the website attests, Spread Goodness Day isn’t about paying it forward, necessarily. It’s also not about tooting your own horn. It’s not about service or money if that’s not your thing. It’s about spreading goodness “in whatever way is natural to you.” 

I started to give a list of suggestions for your goodness, but, my goodness, you know when you’re doing a good turn. And you never know. Your goodness might be contagious. Your random act might cause a ripple effect, and before you know it, goodness will wash over the world. It could happen.

So, spread some goodness today. At a bare minimum, it will make you feel good about yourself, and a tiny bit better about the world around you. We could all use a little of that nowadays.

Happy #spreadgoodnessday !

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Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

5 thoughts on “Spread Goodness Day 2021”

  1. Spreading goodness should be a daily habit and today should be a day to kick start that healthy, lifelong habit. If you see something, do something… because you can. Amaze yourself in your ability to make the big changes this world needs with small, daily, positive actions. We can all be heroes for more than just one day and this world needs us to be that more than anytime in human history. So spread that goodness like butter on warm toast and we’ll all relish every bite.

  2. Sorry. How about limburger cheese and liverwurst spread on stale, moldy crackers? Does this cure your cravings? 🙂

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