N-N-1: A Picture That Represents Inner Peace to You

For several years now, I’ve participated in a delightful photography/creative writing experiment that was created by two of my favorite bloggers, Anju, who writes This Labyrinth I Roam, and Norm, who writes Classical Gasbag. They thought it would be interesting to see what people all over the world were doing/seeing/experiencing at the same point in time. As Norm explains it, in N-N-1 the first N stands for the number of participants, the second for the number of photos (they should be the same), and the 1 stands for one time.

Ashesh hosted this edition, and the theme was inner peace. I think it came out wonderfully, but I was sad that Ashesh didn’t do a contribution as well! I was looking forward to that! In any case, enjoy!

Classical Gasbag

Ashesh, who writes From Life to Me at https://asheshmitra.blogspot.com/ hosted the most recent N-N-1. I think he did a darned good job. Thanks Ashesh.

Come one and come all to the latest N-N-1. This time I chose the theme “A Picture That Represent Inner Peace To You”. I was legit blown away by the quality of entries that came forth.

It was an honor to host this N-N-1 and my sincere thanks to Anju and Norm for letting me do it!

My first person to send me a post was Natalie who writes Wild Rivers Run South. Her post is a poem.

Sunshine and blue skies

The Sun came up this morning.


I was up to see it,

But didn’t have my camera.

So, I went back inside.

Ate breakfast.

Got my camera.

And went outside to see the blue sky.

There was a time,

When I thought…

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Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

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