Because Sunshine!

Get out in it!

When I lived in Florida, I used to take sunshine for granted. In fact, I got rather adept at avoiding it at all costs. I have no idea how anyone survives down there without air conditioning. I spent my whole Florida life trying to quickly move from one air conditioned space to the next.

But here in the Pacific Northwest, you learn to appreciate every single ray of sunshine that you get. The winters here are wet, grey, and raw, for months on end. So when spring comes along and throws several days of sunshine at you in a row, you’d be a fool not to get out in it and celebrate.

And so it was that dear husband and I decided to take a road trip to Tacoma and enjoy the waterfront. (More details about the waterfront and the town itself in another post.)

While we were at it, we brought a box full of books and visited a few of the hundreds of little libraries that are in that area. It’s always fun to see the different setups that various people have, and see the neighborhoods that they serve. It also makes me smile to think that I’m adding books that are new to that particular library. Variety, after all, is the spice of life.

We visited four little free libraries in or around old town in Tacoma, and their pictures are below. Not only did I leave many books behind, but I took a few for my library. I wish I had time to read all of them myself!

I also nominated three of them to become pokestops. I hope the Pokemon Go folks accept my nominations, so that more children will be drawn to these libraries and perhaps develop a love of reading. I couldn’t nominate the fourth one because it was mounted directly on the wall of their home, and I know for a fact that Pokemon rejects all things that are quite obviously on private property. (As well they should.)

The tall skinny one that you see was as wonderful as the others, but the bottom door had become swollen and wouldn’t completely close, and therefore there was some water damage to the books on the lower level. That kind of made me sad. I hope someone repairs it at some point.

And I loved the one that included a bench. I can just imagine sitting there in that pretty neighborhood, enjoying the sunshine and reading a book. That sounds as close to heaven as one could possibly come in this life.

Books and sunshine both feed the soul.

Read any good books lately? Try mine!


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