You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up.

This guy is completely whackadoo.

Personally, I get very triggered when I find myself in a position to witness people in roles of authority, who are supposed to have our best interests at heart, who are instead acting completely and utterly unhinged. Because of that, if I had been a student in this Wellsville, Kansas high school on the particular day I’m about to describe, I’d have freaked out. I mean, really, really freaked out.

On April 28 of this year, according to an article entitled, “Kanses Rep. Mark Samsel arrested for battery after physical altercation with student”, these poor kids drew the figurative short straw and wound up with Samsel as their substitute teacher. I’m sure most of them wish they had skipped school that day. Especially the boy who was kneed in the groin.

I’m not sure what subject Representative Samsel was supposed to be teaching, but I’m fairly certain he went completely off the reservation by talking about God, masturbation, and procreation. He also claimed that a foster child tried to commit suicide 3 times because he had lesbian parents. He encourages the kids to make babies because it feels good. He makes two students go outside, hold hands, and run around the track to teach them some sort of a lesson.

He gets really physical. He grabs one child from behind and lifts him off the ground, all while babbling about the devil. He followed another boy around the room, grabbed him, and put his arms around him. He tells the kid that God has been speaking to him (Samsel), and then he pushes the child. The kid runs to the other side of the room. Samsel gives the other kids permission to knee that kid in the crotch, but apparently he decides that that task is best done by teacher. This of course caused the kid to hit the floor.

In the aftermath of that outrage, he asks the kid if it hurt. Duh. He offers to let him go to the nurse. He suggests that another student check his nuts for him.

Now Samsel is claiming that this was all planned, and that most of the students were in on it. He said he wanted to send a message to parents about mental health, suicide, and how we treat teachers. He says this exercise gave one student hope.

Samsel is also very involved in youth sports and activities through his church and school, and he’s an attorney as well as being a member of Kansas congress. Why does he need to supplement his income by abusing children as a substitute teacher? I don’t get it.

Clearly the man is mentally ill. He should not be allowed to be in contact with minors under any circumstance. And he definitely should not be representing Kansans, or anyone else, in any official capacity. The Republican party really needs to clean house.

This nut job was arrested the next day for misdemeanor battery, booked into the detention center, and then released on $1,000 bond. I bet that will be an interesting trial. I’ll bring the popcorn, you bring the raisinets.

Suffice it to say he is no longer allowed to be a substitute teacher in the Wellsville School District. Pardon my technical jargon, but Samsel is completely whackadoo. I suspect we haven’t heard the last of him. The man should come with a warning label and be surrounded by orange cones everywhere he goes.

The nut job in question. If you see him, run away.

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2 thoughts on “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up.”

  1. Reason 65,536 I’m glad I’m not in school any more. I hope they toss this idiot where he belongs.

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