The View from a Drawbridge

The random musings of a bridgetender with entirely too much time on her hands.

I just had a delightful phone call from a dear friend who is traveling across the country and having all sorts of amazing adventures. She was in one of the Southwestern states, I can’t remember which one, and she had the opportunity to stay overnight at a friend’s house, so naturally she took it.

That friend wasn’t present, but had left the TV on for her. Unfortunately, my friend couldn’t figure out how to turn the TV off. So she turned the volume really low, and put it on a PBS station, figuring that the sounds wouldn’t be as jarring while she slept.

Very early the next morning, she was woken up out of a sound sleep… by my voice. For a second there she actually wondered what I was doing in her bedroom. She lifted her head to see that the local PBS station was playing the animated short of my StoryCorps Interview from 2009. And at the end of the interview, they show a photograph of me, and that photograph had been taken by her!

What are the odds that she would be in just the right place, on just the right morning, with a TV that refused to turn off, and that she’d have it tuned to just the right channel, and my voice would be enough to wake her up out of a sound sleep?

I should have told her to buy a lottery ticket.

A big thanks to StoryCorps for inspiring this blog and my first book.

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