Story Walk

How cool is this?

True confession: I love reading children’s books. When I get a donation for my little free library, it’s a safe bet that I’ve taken the 10 minutes to read it before putting it on the shelf for others to enjoy. The artwork alone is stunning. And the messages may be basic, but they’re almost always fantastic advice. (I have a story on this blog that I’m dying to make into a children’s book, so if you know any illustrators that know how to break into the children’s book publisher market, let me know!)

But as usual, I digress.

This weekend, dear husband and I visited the Lake Wilderness Arboretum here in Washington state, because a friend told us that they do something amazing there that I think other parks should do as well. It’s called Story Walk.

Basically, they have partnered with the Maple Valley Library, and each month they present a new book in the Children’s Discovery Forest part of the Arboretum. What they do is take a book, laminate the pages, and present them, page by page, on plaques in the forest. You get to enjoy the scenery, take a nice walk, and read a book at the same time! How cool is that?

I’ll be writing more about the arboretum in a subsequent post, but until then, here is this month’s story walk! Sorry about the reflection of the trees, and the occasional bird stuff, on the plastic, but you know, nature…

Read any good books lately (besides the delightful one above)? Try mine!


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