Very Satisfying

People gain satisfaction in a wide variety of ways.

The weather has improved, so I’m back to watering the plants in my garden. I’d forgotten how much I love to do this. I can just get quiet, shut off my brain, and commune with the plants. I feel like I’m doing something nice for them, and they show their appreciation by their growth. I love seeing things bloom or produce fruit or vegetables, or simply look beautiful in their own ways. I especially love seeing the bees enjoying them, and I delight at the worms in the soil and the snails and the ladybugs. It’s fun to watch the birds visit the birdbaths. It all just makes me happy, and makes me feel connected to the wider world.

It’s all very satisfying.

I’ve been using that phrase a lot of late. It’s a simple phrase, but it conveys a depth of emotion. Oddly, I never thought of the profound feeling that accompanies this phrase until I heard someone use it in response to a pimple popping video. I’m sure you’re saying ewwww right now, but that’s the whole point. People gain satisfaction in a wide variety of ways, and one person’s disgust is another person’s contentment over solving a physical problem quickly and efficiently.

I also find working on my little free library to be very satisfying. When I see someone taking books from it, I feel even more satisfied. I enjoy exercising at the YMCA, too, and when I’m done, I’m proud of myself, and find it very satisfying. This blog can be extremely satisfying, especially when I get a comment that shows it has touched someone.

Doing good deeds is becoming a bit of an addiction, now that I am in a position to do these things more frequently. Paying it forward is about as satisfying as it gets. Not that I’m keeping score. In fact, it’s much more satisfying when you don’t keep score.

Spending time with friends, eating a good meal, reading a book, and taking a guilt-free nap? All satisfying, in my estimation. Life is good.

It’s all about properly identifying the feelings that you have. Once you know you’re satisfied, then you become grateful for that satisfaction, and it all turns into a sort of perpetual motion machine of goodness. Yay.

So, what satisfies you?

An attitude of gratitude is what you need to get along. Read my book!


Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

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