The View from a Drawbridge

The random musings of a bridgetender with entirely too much time on her hands.

On the morning of our 4th day of vacation, we explored the delightful little town of Eureka, California. One of the places we stopped to admire was the Carson Mansion, which is now the private Ingomar Club. In an attempt to capture a better photograph, I noticed there was a little alley to the left of the mansion, just outside its boundary wall. I decided to have a snoop.

I’m so glad I did, because I discovered that this place, which is most likely oft overlooked, was actually an art installation from 2019 by Jose Moreno. It’s called “Lost Coast Fauna in 17 Views”. The paintings are fantasy-like, yet actual creatures, in whimsical colors. It was great fun to walk and look at them all. Here are pictures I took of the art, completely forgetting the mansion. Sadly, I don’t seem to have captured all 17, but I hope this whets your appetite to seek out this magical little alley if you ever find yourself in Eureka.

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