California Murals

The murals are what I love best about California.

As the bulk of our “West Coast Wander”, ten of the thirteen days, was spent in California, I can say with confidence that no two parts of this amazing state are exactly alike. Each town has its own character. Each bit of shoreline or mountain is slightly different. And since it takes up nearly 9 degrees of latitude, its climate varies dramatically. This is a very fun state to explore.

But if someone were to ask me what I love best about California, besides the Redwood and Jacaranda Trees, I’d have to say that it’s the murals. California is all but covered in colorful and unique murals. This is not a state that is conservative about its art, and as a public art lover, I appreciate that quite a bit.

What follows are some of the many murals I got to see. (There were so many that I’ll be doing a “Part 2” of this post!) If you have pictures of California Murals (or any other public art, for that matter), I invite you to join a Facebook group that I host called Public Art Lovers and post your pictures there. We’d surely love to see them!

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