A Note on Complacency

Don’t get lazy. What you do matters.

Watching the lifeguard at my local YMCA doze off recently has me thinking about complacency. Having been a bridgetender for nearly 20 years, it is my utterly unscientific opinion that the vast majority of injuries due to operator error on drawbridges come not from inexperienced bridgetenders. No, they’re caused by very experienced bridgetenders who have become complacent. I suspect it’s the same with lifeguards.

I think most humans, by their very nature, are prone to take shortcuts. We get lazy with time. We become overconfident. We derive false security from our past success.

This doesn’t just happen in my job of choice, but by way of example, a seasoned bridgetender might say, at least on a subconscious level, “I don’t have to make an extra effort to see if someone is standing in that blind spot, because no one ever stands there.”

That can be your undoing. Killing someone is what we bridgetenders most need to avoid. It’s important to remain vigilant.

I’m well aware that the bridgetending audience is rather minute. I’m not just talking to bridgetenders. This one is for all those people who operate power tools or climb on ladders or drive or walk or take care of others. It’s for the nurses and the truck drivers and the managers and the factory workers and the chefs. It’s for the parents and the teachers. It especially applies to voters!

It’s for us all. Don’t slack off. Avoid shortcuts. Don’t get lazy. What you do matters.

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Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

2 thoughts on “A Note on Complacency”

  1. Seeing a lot of this with people forgetting this virus is still around infecting the vulnerable. Letting our guard down now may undo a lot of our positive progress in this fight. Variants continue to get creative as covid pushes back on our attempts to squash it. Vaccinations are but one weapon in this multilevel fight. Still need to take precautions and listen to the experts. We need more vigilant people like you setting the right example. Hope you woke the lifeguard and offered him a red bull. 🙂

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