Mid-Month Marvels: ZanaAfrica Foundation

An easy way to empower girls.

A recurring theme in this blog is the celebration of people and/or organizations that have a positive impact on their communities. What they do is not easy, but it’s inspirational, and we don’t hear enough about them. So I’ve decided to commit to singing their praises at least once a month. I’m calling it Mid-Month Marvels. If you have any suggestions for the focus of this monthly spotlight, let me know in the comments below!

Where many NGOs go wrong is by trying to fix everything. This scattershot approach means no target gets hit in any significant way. The most successful NGOs seem to identify one problem and work toward solving that problem. That’s what ZanaAfrica Foundation seems to have done.

According to their website, 4 out of 5 girls in East Africa lack access to health education and sanitary pads. In many cultures, there is a certain taboo that goes along with menstruating. That must get magnified 1000 times when you don’t know what is happening to you or why.

ZanaAfrica provides health education, sanitary pads, underwear and mentors to girls so they won’t be too ashamed to attend school. They teach them that their lives don’t have to come to a grinding halt one week a month. Research has shown that pads and healthcare information win back 75% of learning days for girls. That gives them a lot more opportunities to reach their potential.

Simple. Elegant. I hope you will join me in supporting ZanaAfrica in their efforts to empower girls.

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