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Are you an annoyed liberal with an appreciation for a sharp sense of humor? Read on.

Because I’m a member of a delightful Facebook group called Crones of Anarchy, I’ve stumbled upon the amazing writing of Nancy Woods. She has a page on a forum I had never heard of before, called Substack.Com. Unfortunately I won’t be able to follow her closely because that format doesn’t seem to be like a regular blog. You can only regularly follow her by subscribing via e-mail, and I know me. I don’t actually read 95 percent of my e-mail subscriptions.

Having said that, though, you really need to read Nancy Woods’ posts, especially if, like me, you are an annoyed liberal with an appreciation for a sharp sense of humor. Her column is called “Fuck Around and Find Out.” The description on the “about” page says, “Politics has turned into a test of the Emergency Moron System. Stick around for 50 Shades of Cray, because those with a brain like a BB in a boxcar need to be called out.”

Don’t you just love her already? But to further whet your appetite, Here’s a portion of one of her posts, which I’m sharing with her kind permission. Be warned, though, if you’re easily offended, if your knickers are prone to getting into a twist, you may want to give this a pass. But that’s one of the reasons it makes me so happy. So without further ado, here’s Nancy Woods.


On today’s episode of “Fuck Around and Find Out”:

Oh, I’m a senator and I’m okay. Senator Lindsey “Lady G” Graham (R-SC) loves Chick-Fil-A and it’s anti-LGBTQ stance and don’t you forget it and I wonder just how much money the company donates to Lady G. Does Chick-fil-A offer glory holes now? Lapdog Lindsey stood up for the homophobic fast food chain after students at Notre Dame protested the university’s suggestion that Chick-Fil-A become part of a “comprehensive dining plan” and that the university is “considering a variety of future restaurant options, including Chick-Fil-A.” The chain is notable for their contribution to anti-LGBT groups and creepy employees.

The Fighting Irish students wrote that they believe “a variety of other restaurants would better fit Notre Dame’s mission and our student body’s needs,” while also calling for “student and faculty leaders to stop catering Chick-fil-A at campus events.”

That’s all it took for Lady G to step in, because his voice is Very Important in his own mind and he’s not been able to kick any toddlers lately. In a series of tweets, he maintained that “I have always thought that Notre Dame was one of the greatest universities in America, if not the world.” But. He then tweeted that “It’s disappointing to hear some ND students and faculty want to ban Chick-fil-A from doing business on campus because they disagree with the values held by the Chick-fil-A founders. What a dangerous precedent to set.” See, Lady G agrees with discriminating against LGBTQ citizens, and disagrees with holding someone accountable for their actions. Witness his love of the Doddering Dotard. Guess he’d also be cool with a statue of Goebbels even if the university “disagree[s] with the values held” by the Nazis.

Lapdog Lindsey is figuratively standing by his man, doubling down as he tweeted “I want everyone in South Carolina and across America to know I have Chick fil-A’s back. I hope we don’t have to, but I will go to war for the principles Chick fil-A stands for. Great food. Great service. Great values. God bless Chick fil-A!”

Because nothing says America like discrimination against our LGBTQ friends, who, last time I checked, were Americans with the same rights and privileges as all of us. Odd that a senator would back a company that seeks to devalue the worth of certain American citizens, but then, this is the GQP and that’s how the mentally unendowed roll. Can you see Narnia in your closet, Lady G?

I wish I’d been a girlie, just like my dear papa.

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