I’m Enjoying Myself

Am I crazy for thinking this?

Have you ever said something a thousand times and then suddenly it sounds really weird to you?

“I’m enjoying myself.”

Huh? Shouldn’t it be more like, “I’m enjoying this experience?” “I’m enjoying spending time with you?”

Shouldn’t the enjoying be pointed outward rather than inward in most cases? From whence comes the joy? I mean, I am perfectly capable of entertaining myself. I do enjoy my own company. But my joy usually comes from outside sources.

Am I crazy for thinking that?

Never mind. I’m enjoying myself.

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Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

4 thoughts on “I’m Enjoying Myself”

  1. No you’re not crazy. I, the bigtime introvert, might not be as much into people as some, but I’d lose it fast if I didn’t have access to the myriad things, places and ideas I like [with new ones discovered all the time]. And yes, I need a few good people sometimes as well. But I’m not that bad at entertaining myself, and neither are you.

  2. LOL, and when you are enjoying yourself, it is infectious to all of us, So, whether it is from outside sources or your inner self, continue to share those moments with us.

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