Thank You for All of It

Viewing the world through a lens of gratitude.

I know I said I’d only be posting blogs on even numbered days from now on, but I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion and felt the need to write it out. Consider this a bonus post.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because you can make of it what you want. It can be a gathering of loved ones from far and near, or it can be a quiet day at home by yourself or with your favorite person. It can be a fine spread of turkey and all the fixings, or it can be Chinese food and a good book.

Some people still buy into the story of the benevolent Pilgrims and the welcoming Indians, and they choose to commemorate that. This fable continues to harm indigenous people the world over, even as it makes us feel vindicated for all we did to get where we are. I’m willing to concede that this country became ours by theft and brutality and the fact that our guns shot further than their arrows, and our diseases did even more harm than our guns.

Because of those hard truths, Thanksgiving, for me, is not about a fictional past, it’s about being present. Sitting in that place of gratitude, and realizing how very lucky I am to be here and now. As I breathe in and out, I am experiencing pure joy for the gift that is my life. On this day in particular, I feel that gratitude with every fiber of my being.

I want to be mindful of this gratitude all year long. I genuinely do believe that attitude is everything, and I am forever working on mine. As I learn to set healthier boundaries in my life, those boundaries have created a space for me to focus on my gratitude, and that allows me to write about it.

Please know these things: there are so many opportunities to reframe the way you look at the world. There are so many occasions that can lead you to that joyful place within you. It has always been there. You just have to nurture it and let it come out to play.

If you are looking for ways to view the world through a lens of gratitude, I hope you’ll read my book, because that’s what it’s about. But even if you don’t, dear reader, I want you to know that the mere fact that you are reading my words right here, right now, is a precious gift to me. I am grateful for the very fact of your existence. Thank you for being the miracle that you are.

Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

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