Make Your World More Beautiful

We can move in a positive direction.

Nature is beautiful. And then we humans come along and build over the top of it, bringing pollution and urban sprawl and extinctions and overcrowding and cigarette butts.

But we do have a tiny bit of control. Artists understand that. We can create beauty if we want to. We don’t have to have boring, flat, monochrome surfaces that draw nothing but dust and debris and despair. We can make the spaces we occupy more interesting, inspiring strong emotions and deep thought that, on the best of days, will cause us to move in positive directions. Even those of us with no artistic training can bring beauty back.

We may not be able to recreate the Grand Canyon, but we can positively impact our surroundings if we choose to, even after much damage has been done. We don’t have to be a purely destructive force. We can clean things up and make them unique. The ambience surrounding you impacts your attitude, and shows your respect, or lack thereof, for your community and the wider world.

What are you doing to make your world more beautiful? We can all make a difference. We don’t have to be passive victims of our ever-expanding urban blight.

I’ll leave you with photos of some murals that beautify various places throughout the world. Individually, they may only cause a minor impact, but collectively they demonstrate that there’s hope for us yet.

Murals are not the only way to beautify your world. Use your imagination. Make something more beautiful today.

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Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

4 thoughts on “Make Your World More Beautiful”

  1. We can use nature itself by reclaiming areas we’ve damaged and planting trees and gardens of flowers and vegetables. Anything we do to clean up pollution creates a more beautiful world. If you don’t feel you have any artistic talent you can donate art supplies and/or space for artists to create murals. If you like working with yarn you can create large public displays by and . My favorite method to bring beauty back, while cleaning up our mess, is trash sculptures Now, can we beautify the world for our other senses? Let’s start with noise pollution.

  2. I am having your photo of Boats of Many Colors put on canvas. It brightens my world every time I look at it. Also it will replace the Giant Stuffed Catfish that has been hanging there for 10 years.

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