The Flowers and Birds of Hawaii

These islands are filled with flowers and flapping with fowl!

Wherever I go, I tend to pay close attention to the flowers and birds in the area. The differences from one climate to another fascinate me. I also believe that these things are the canaries in the coal mine of planetary health. If you go somewhere devoid of birds and flowers, you may want to leave that place yourself, and quickly. Just sayin’.

Recently, Dear Husband and I had the opportunity to visit Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii. As one might predict, these islands are filled with flowers and flapping with fowl. I was therefore sad to hear that, according to Wikipedia, “Hawaiʻi has more endangered species and has lost a higher percentage of its endemic species than any other U.S. state.”

I can only imagine what Hawaii was like before that distressing information became a fact. Still, what I saw during my visit looked so lush and vibrant that I was reveling in the life all around me. Everything, to me, looked so healthy and clean and right.

Even while on vacation, you are never far from my thoughts, dear readers. So I tried to take pictures of every flower and bird I saw during my visit. (Okay, I snuck in some bromiliads and crotons, too. So sue me.) I hope you enjoy the photos below!

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