Hawaiian Murals

A love of nature is a big part of Hawaiian culture.

Since I adore public art in all it’s many forms, I was really looking forward to our recent trip to Hawaii. It would be a chance to see new places and look at new things. And the Aloha State did not disappoint.

The murals I saw during my visit tended to take on a natural theme, and that makes perfect sense. There is a lot of natural beauty to draw on for inspiration in that state. Having said that, I’m impressed that those talented artists manage to live there. Everything is outrageously expensive, and artists are notoriously underpaid. So each time I looked at their work, I felt proud of the person who created it, for the very fact of their perseverance.

Another reason for this recurring natural theme is that a love of nature is a big part of Hawaiian culture. It’s called aina. This article explains it well:

“Aina means land. Life in Hawaii is lived outdoors — malls, homes, offices, and even the airport are built with open-air walkways, large windows, or lanais (balconies or patios) so you’re never fully indoors. Native Hawaiians see their identities and wellbeing entwined with the land, and so respecting it and living in it are of the utmost importance.  Simply having lunch outside or taking a stroll through a park can help reconnect you to the aina.”

What follows are photos I took, or got from my Pokemon Go app, of the murals I saw in Hawaii. Think of this as a tribute to aina and a tribute to all artists who possess a strong survival instinct. Enjoy!

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