Twice the Vacation

We each see things that the other person may have overlooked.

Upon returning home from our recent trip to Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii, I knew I had a big job ahead of me. I would have thousands of photos to go through in order to create my posts. (Thank heavens for digital photography! In decades past I would have had to develop all of these rolls of film, and it would have cost nearly as much as the trip!).

Looking at the pictures taken on my phone vs. the ones taken on that of Dear Husband, I noticed some interesting differences. It almost looks as though we were on different trips. Different things drew our focus.

This, of course, is a sweeping generalization, but DH is about the big picture, while I’m more into the minute details. His photos are often wide, gorgeous panoramas that reveal the surroundings more beautifully than I ever could. They’re larger than life, just like he is. He also likes to take selfies of the two of us. (I can’t complain there!)

While he is doing his panoramas, I seem to be zooming in on flowers or interesting textures. I’m analyzing, thinking, soaking things in little by little, while he is celebrating, reveling in the vastness. First and foremost, I’m drawn to art in its many forms. Easily 98 percent of the photos of Hawaiian art that we came home with were taken by me. DH’s photos are more about the beauty of nature. He wants to go to see what’s beyond the horizon, whereas I want to linger and examine… and then go see what’s beyond the horizon.

I’m content to move on only after I’ve pieced together the puzzle that is my current location. Yes, we did the vast majority of our trip practically joined at the hip, even if our photos don’t always reflect that. And the truth is, I’m glad about our different perspectives. We each see things that the other may have otherwise overlooked, and that means we both gain insight. We spent a lot of time exclaiming, “Wow! Look at that!”

On second thought, we weren’t on different trips. We were on one wonderful trip that was twice as amazing for having been shared with one another. How lucky am I? Below are some photos that were taken by each of us. It shouldn’t be hard for you to guess which half were taken by me. (I wish I could have included some of DH’s panoramas, but apparently WordPress doesn’t allow that format.)

Anyway, enjoy! And tell me what you tend to focus on when you travel in the comments below!

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Author: The View from a Drawbridge

I have been a bridgetender since 2001, and gives me plenty of time to think and observe the world.

2 thoughts on “Twice the Vacation”

  1. Quite a place, it seems. What was the green structure perched on the edge of the cliff? I can only see part of it. And what is the little box in front?

    1. That is Ka Lae, Hawaii. Also known as South Point. It’s the southernmost point of land in the US. That structure sometimes has a rope dangling from it. Apparently crazy people like to jump into the ocean there, but it’s really easy to have a wave crash you into the cliff or a current sweep you out to sea, so not the best idea in the world. And after, you have to climb back up the 40 foot cliff, and apparently there are some sketchy, rickety stairs you can use part of the way, but the rest is a rock climb. The box in front of it is one of those plastic milk crates. Fishermen sit on it, because apparently the fishing is excellent there. I’m all for the fishing, but the jumping? No thank you.

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