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More and more cities around the world are wrapping their unsightly utility boxes in public art, and I’m thrilled with this trend. Being able to print the art on a flat surface and then wrap the often far-from-flat box with it has greatly increased the quality of these artworks. Previously, people would hand paint the boxes, with or without municipal permission. That paint would then fade and flake and look shabby in no time. Instead of beautifying the box, those well-intentioned efforts just added to the overall shabbiness of the neighborhood.

But now we have crisp, clean images that withstand the wind and weather and, unless vandalized or crashed into, continue to look good for years. And if the images do start to fade, the wrap can be removed and replaced by another one. Don’t you just love an ideal that’s so brilliant that even bureaucracies can get on board with it?

What follows are some images that have been shared with me by friends around the globe who play Pokemon Go. These boxes go to show that there’s no end to the artistic creativity that can be unleashed upon them. Whenever you go someplace new, don’t forget to look for the utility boxes! Think of them as free public art galleries. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap!

  1. Angiportus Librarysaver says:

    While I don’t consider these boxes unsightly in themselves, I do appreciate a nice color job. Thanks.

    1. Especially in a Washington winter! I cling to every splash of color I find within the ever-grey.

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